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September 16, 2022

Publica to Provide CTV Unified Auction Solution for Atresmedia

Publica partners with Atresmedia to run a unified auction for their premium streaming advertising inventory.

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September 15, 2022

The Importance of Industry Trust on the AdPod

Public Co-Founder and CEO Ben Antier sat down with Wayne Blodwell on his aptly named podcast The AdPod to talk all things CTV.

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What will drive the growth of CTV in 2022?

Publica’s Paul Gubbins joined a New Video Frontiers panel in London to answer the question we’re all asking: What will drive the growth of CTV in 2022?

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May 12, 2022

IRIS.TV Partners with Publica to Integrate Video-Level Contextual Data in Leading CTV Ad Server

New partnership allows publishers to use IRIS-enabled video-level data to target direct deals from the ad server.

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April 28, 2022

Publica to Provide SSAI and Unified Auctions Services for Hearst TV

Publica partners with Hearst Television to enhance its streamed content with a traditional TV-like viewing experience while maximizing its revenue.

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WPSD Local 6 Partners with Publica to Accelerate CTV Strategy

As part of our commitment to provide our partners with the technology to successfully serve and manage ad experiences across all CTV environments we are proud to announce a new partnership with WPSD Local 6.

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rlaxx TV Selects Publica to Power CTV Ad Serving

We are excited to announce that rlaxx TV have selected Publica as their primary CTV ad server to reach a wide audience with high-quality, TV-like ad experiences when streaming.

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December 1, 2021

Publica Wins the Digiday Technology Award for Best CTV Sell-Side Programmatic Platform

Publica has been named Best CTV Sell Side Programmatic Platform at the 2021 Digiday Technology Awards.

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November 8, 2021

Why The Open Marketplace Will Provide Value to Both Buy & Sell Sides In CTV?

As the definitions of what constitutes CTV impressions are still widely debated, brand safety companies discover new cases of fraud in streaming.

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January 2, 2020

The Outside TV Product Review

How Publica’s Video Header Bidding Platform has changed the game for Outside TV OTT monetization. Interview Alex: Can you present your OTT inventory?  Stan: Outside TV is available on all major streaming platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV & Samsung TV, generating over 30M monthly video views. Why did you first get interested in using…

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