CTV Ad Tech company, powered by a team of industry experts and talented developers HQ - Palo Alto, CA  - Offices in NYC, LA, London, Paris

Founded in 2016, Publica today is the leading independent CTV advertising platforms providing broadcasters, TV manufacturers & OTT Apps with ad serving & unified auction tools for their streaming ad breaks.        

Publica Awarded Best Early Stage Technology Company in 2020
Publica Finalist for Best Sell-Side Programmatic Platform in 2020


Tatiana Faramarzi

Software Engineer

Ben Antier

Co Founder - CEO

Kenny Hufford

Software Engineer

Elson Li

Software Engineer

Jake Youngman

Yield Manager

James Wilhite

Director, Product Management

Manuel Gutierrez

Solutions Architect

Bruce Yang

Software Engineer Team Lead

Cedric Tournay

Co Founder - Chairman

Clement Poty

Head of Growth & UX

Elea Reggiani

Data Scientist

Bret Ikehara

Software Engineer

Hugo Laroche

Software Engineer

Dimitri Wyzlic

Software Engineer

Giovanni Rivoira

Financial Analyst

Novreet Randhawa

Operations Manager

Jason Higgins

Publisher Partnerships

Jason Kim

Director of Publisher Operations

Paul Gubbins

Strategic Partnerships

Sarah Whitcomb

Manager, Publisher Development

Alex Schweitzer

Director of Business Development

Bet Mattson

Technical Account Manager

Kevin Paek

Staff Software Engineer

Jimmy Tu

Software Engineer Lead

Alysha Dino

Publisher Development Director

Kaavash Bahi

Associate Product Manager

Nabhan El-Rahman

Co Founder - CTO


Media Contact
Paul Gubbins - paul@getpublica.com
August 10, 2021

Integral Ad Science Acquires Connected TV Advertising Leader Publica

IAS Accelerates Next Evolution of Its Publisher Business and Plans to Build Global Addressable CTV Ad Platform

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July 28, 2021

Meet Elea.ai, the CTV Ad Recognition Intelligence

Elea ai is a new solution by Publica that lets streaming publishers harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver seamless ad experiences on Connected Televisions (CTV)

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CTV Walled Gardens & Rising Trends – The State of CTV Targeting (2/2)

In this second article, we take a look at the term ‘Walled Garden’ and why it is increasingly being used when discussing CTV companies. We also discuss privacy, consent and how both will shape the future of the global addressable TV advertising market.

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