Leading Server-to-Server Video Header Bidding

No tech-switch required, we integrate directly with your current ad-server.

Increase eCPM

Improve Fill Rate

Get In-depth Analytic

Simple VAST integration

Connect to leading industry SSPs in seconds, benefit from pre-integrated optimized OTRB pipes.

Publica creates competition for your instream & oustream video inventory.

Stop guessing how much your video inventory is worth

Publica runs a unified auction between all of your SSPs and selects the winning bid.


Add new buyers in seconds

No need for client-side code when connecting to a new buyer! Leverage Publica’s pre-existing integrations and manage everything from our platform without bothering your tech team.

Get granular auction analytics

Get to know who is buying and how: participation rate per bidder, average bid prices, error rates…

Keep latency under control

Set timeouts at the auction and buyer level to deliver a best in class user experience.

Ready to enter the new era of TV advertising?