The solution that doubles your CTV revenue

Publica is a one-stop solution to manage all of your monetization.

Programmatic Demand

Direct Campaigns

Ad Pod Automation

Log-level Reporting

Join premium ad-supported channels of all genres: live news, entertainment, sports, and more.

Your most valuable audiences are on CTV.
It’s time to gear up your monetization stack.

Never leave revenue on the table again

Run a unified auction between your direct campaigns and all of the video SSPs on the market.

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Deliver the highest stream quality to your viewers

Whether you are a live linear channel or a VOD app, Publica is the only SSAI solution on the market capable of handling the scale of programmatic

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Step-up your Audience Targeting

Publica features a unique integration with LiveRamp designed to activate first and third party audience segments across Connected TV devices.

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“We’ve become more platform agnostic after implementing the Publica header bidding solution. Revenue has diversified and grown nicely across SSPs.”

Stan Hunting, Director of Advertising Operations

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