The Ad Recognition artificial intelligence empowering streaming publishers to identify which advertiser is about to run programmatically, ensuring optimal ad deduplication for a seamless ad experience on Connected TV.

Meet the most innovative frequency capping tech.

Ai Driven Brand Recognition

Elea ai utilizes a logo recognition Machine Learning algorithm to identify the brand behind a video ad. In real-time.

New advertiser data signals

Elea ai algorithm is able to double-check or supply the IAB category and advertiser domain from the ad, which will be used the deduplication process and enhance its accuracy.

Optimal Ad-Break Construction

Elea AI ensures that our deduplication and frequency capping algorithms perform at the highest level, even in the absence of signals from the buy-side. Here, you would not see two soda ads in a row.

“We’re excited about this new layer of automation to ensure that our users are not inundated with the same ads over and over while enabling more programmatic buyers access to our premium video inventory.”

Reed Barker, Head of Advertising

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