Ad Stitching

Whether you are a live linear channel or a VOD app, Publica provides the only Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution on the market capable of handling the scale of programmatic.

SSAI designed for a programmatic world

Give your users the TV experience they deserve by delivering a seamless stream of content and ads.

Focus on delivery

Nothing is more frustrating than losing ad revenue and delivering a poor user experience because of technical errors. Publica focuses on delivering the highest quality ad to each available ad slots.

High quality streaming

Publica optimizes the stream to deliver the highest quality available to the user and to harmonize content and ads into a single seamless experience.

The first unified analytics dashboard for streaming and advertising

The Publica dashboard combines stream analytics (stream start, stream end, hours watched…) with all of the advertising data available (pod start, impression, eCPM, advertiser domain, IAB category of the ad…)

Ready to enter the new era of TV advertising?