December 1, 2021

Publica Wins the Digiday Technology Award for Best CTV Sell-Side Programmatic Platform

We are excited to announce that Publica has been selected as the winner of Best CTV Sell-Side Programmatic Platform at the 2021 Digiday Technology Awards!

Digiday is one of the leading media technology and advertising publications and their prestigious awards recognise those that are innovating in their fields.   

Publica was shortlisted among five others before being named the winner of this award for our CTV technology platform. Publica continues to innovate and empower the global streaming publishers and smart TV manufacturers who adopt our Ad ServingSSAIUnified Auctions & Audience Management solutions. 

“At Publica, our mission has always been to put CTV publishers first and to build leading solutions to help them grow their advertising revenues, and we are happy to see that our efforts are recognised by some of the biggest awards in the industry.”

A special thanks to our Co-Founder and CTO, Nabhan El-Rahman, and James Wilhite, Director of Product Management, as well as the teams, who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Much of our success is thanks to the team’s skill and hard work. We appreciate your time and everything that you've done (openly and behind the scenes) to keep Publica leading in the CTV industry and constantly working to provide some of the most creative technological solutions in CTV.

As the need for independent, transparent & CTV first technology increases, Publica is looking forward to building even stronger publisher partnerships going into 2022.

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