Product Release
October 13, 2022

Publica Offers A/B Testing Tool for CTV Revenue Optimization

As CTV viewership grows, the industry requires new ways to optimize video advertising. To help buyers and sellers run the most efficient and targeted campaigns possible, Publica offers flexible A/B testing capabilities.

CTV continues to grow in importance in a highly fragmented media ecosystem. In 2021, eMarketer projected that U.S. advertisers spent $14.4bn (£11.52bn) on CTV, an increase of 60% compared to 2020, with ad spending projected to surpass $30bn (£24bn) by 2025.

Publica’s A/B testing tool allows streaming publishers to test the performance of select bidder parameters over a period of time. Testing enables publishers to alter attributes such as bid floor, minimum ad duration, maximum ad duration, and podded requests. 

The IAB Tech lab introduced support for podded requests in the latest version of OpenRTB 2.6. The recent additions to 2.6 are focused on CTV and have been developed by the IAB Tech Lab working closely with those involved in CTV auctions. It designs new specifications that allow publishers to present their inventory more accurately and give buyers the flexibility to respond to bids in a way that will maximize their chances of winning the auction.

A/B testing on podded requests allows a publisher to test the impact of rolling up bid requests to the ad break level, instead of the individual ad slot. A/B testing on bid floors enables publishers to assess the opportunity cost of higher CPM floors or the potential for higher floors within the market.   

A/B testing also allows publishers to see revenue optimization potential on existing bidders by testing attributes across any percentage of traffic. A/B testing allows users to assess the performance of changes on a small scale before committing to larger adjustments. It allows users to run a full analysis on the impact of A/B tests with Publica’s reporting feature. Tests have flight dates, allowing users to set-and-forget until ready to review results. 

As OpenRTB 2.6 rolls out across connected SSP partners, Publica’s A/B testing framework will also continue to develop. Future added features can be tested on a fraction of traffic, ensuring seamless integration.

A/B testing offers an intelligent and low risk solution to CTV campaign optimization. The streamlined tool produces actionable insights that take the guesswork out of advertising strategy. 

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