January 2, 2020

The Outside TV Product Review

How Publica’s Video Header Bidding Platform has changed the game for Outside TV OTT monetization.


Alex: Can you present your OTT inventory?

Stan: Outside TV is available on all major streaming platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV & Samsung TV, generating over 30M monthly video views.

Why did you first get interested in using a Header Bidding solution for your OTT inventory?

With the proliferation of video SSPs in the market, we didn’t want to leave any revenue opportunities on the table.

Can you list the limitations you were facing to monetize this inventory?

Having limited resources as a small and independent publisher, it’s challenging to manage all these integrations from a technical standpoint and also operationally to juggle yield optimization.

How is Publica’s Header Bidding solution changing the way you manage your inventory today?

We’ve become more platform agnostic after implementing the Publica header bidding solution.

While our programmatic direct deals are all still mostly managed via a single SSP, we’ve enabled demand from other platforms to compete in a unified auction, eliminating waterfall latency while increasing bid density and overall yield.

“Revenue has diversified and grown nicely across SSPs”Stan Hunting

Publica connects Outside TV to 9 bidders.

Would you recommend using Publica? & Why?

I’d definitely recommend trying Publica’s solution to evaluate yield improvement.

There are plenty of client-side header bidding products out there, but not many (or any?) server side OTT header bidding solutions in market yet.

They’re a new player who’s eager to prove value in a crowded ad tech space.

The team is very responsive, nimble and accommodating.

The product is plug-and-play and simple to implement.


+43% in programmatic revenue after 3 months using Publica relative to the prior 3-month period, as a result of increases in both fill rate and CPM.

Try it yourself! 🚀

Schedule a call with our expert team to see how Publica can fit your monetization challenges on OTT/ CTV.

Many thanks, Stan! & the Outside TV team for their trust. 🌟

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