July 28, 2022

What are CTV render rates and why are they important to understand?

Ever wondered what a CTV render rate is? You’re not the only one. We sat down with Jason Kim, VP of Publisher Operations at Publica, to understand everything there is to know about CTV render rates.

What’s a render rate?

A CTV render rate simply is the rate at which an ad is successfully delivered or impressed, over the total number of ads are actually sent back to the stitcher for insertion. 

How can CTV render rates impact publisher yield?

Render rates do have a direct and meaningful impact on revenue. By definition ads are ready to deliver, but they couldn't due to some circumstantial or technical reason. These ads are ads that a buyer actively wanted to and were expecting to deliver and pay a premium for. In the advanced age of programmatic bidding in advertising, supply path efficiency or efficacy can and will certainly dictate how budgets flow through those pipes.

Who determines the percent of render rate?

Rendering is just a function, it's an equation almost. It's a function of the technology, so it's not necessarily the publisher or the ad buyer. 

How can CTV render rates be improved?

First and foremost, I would say it's all data centric. So obtain the data, truly understand where you're seeing those gaps, understand your tech stack and the spec docs for each of the stitchers that you are currently working with or plan to work with. That should dictate how you sell and what is even eligible to enter your auction. So you want to use this data to inform your programmatic strategy. And lastly, to the best of your ability, get as close to the holistic picture of both the stream and the ad serving as much as possible, and have access to all that data to really monitor.

How does Publica approach CTV render rates?

At Publica our goal is to drive yields while maintaining user experience. So Publica’s approach will always be ‘let's maximize those render rates as much as possible.’ And the way we do that really is what I explained before. We give you all the data that you need down to the creative level so that you understand where there's a gap.We also have a stitcher, so where we control the transcoding process. We know how stitchers work because of our experience in the space, and we optimize to maximum render rates in any CTV environments so that it can lead to maximum yield and you're not leaving money on the table.

Watch the full video to learn what variables impact CTV render rates and how a publisher can discover their rates.

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