September 28, 2022

The Rise of CTV Advertising in Europe

Publica’s Paul Gubbins sat down with Samsung Ad’s Nik Dewar to discuss the past year of CTV expansion in Europe, and consider where the next 12 months might take us.

Paul Gubbins, VP of CTV Strategy, Publica and Nik Dewar, European Sales Director, Samsung, kicked off the conversation with a look back at their last conversation from one year ago. In 2021, Dewar predicted the trends the CTV space in Europe would see throughout the next year.

Can you remind the viewers what they were, and whether or not they came to fruition?

  • More streaming apps and content providers entering the CTV space
  • Improved search and discovery
  • Closer alignment between TV and mobile devices
  • Increased data, targeting and measurement opportunities
“The one piece that isn't quite there yet is the measurement piece. Certainly the need for an agreed unified measurement system that exists across all platforms and devices… is something that would really help propel CTV forward.” Dewar added.

The conversation transitioned to discuss ACR data, which can work hand in hand with improving measurement capabilities across the CTV industry.

“It stands for automatic content recognition,” Dewar replied. “It's an identification technology that captures and identifies content across Internet connected devices in real time. So what's clever about this technology is it detects everything from programs, channels, video games, all the way down to actors and actresses.”

This technology can be used to help brands target relevant viewers to increase the success of campaigns. For example: if a celebrity is the face of a brand, that brand can target viewers of shows featuring that celebrity.

Another trend entering the CTV arena are CMPs or Consent Management Platforms, something Samsung has addressed over the past year.

“From a consumer's perspective, we want them to feel in control of their own data and how it's being processed,” Dewar said. “Secondly, from an advertiser or agency perspective, we want to provide that reassurance that our audiences have consented to see a targeted or relevant ad. It also provides reassurance that we have consented to use specific third party measurement and verification vendors as well.”

The two ended the conversation with a prospective look at 2023. What trends or technologies will shake up the CTV world in the next year?

Dewar predicts that gaming audiences will take over, innovative and engaging new CTV formats will be created, and more direct to consumer apps will enter Europe.“I think the one guarantee is that there's going to be more disruption and change over the next 12 months.”

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