July 20, 2022

Exchange Wire ATS London 2022: CTV Growth Beyond 2022

Publica Co-Founder and CEO Ben Antier sat down with Alexandra Ong from Discovery and Aimee Langham from Matterkind to discuss the growth of addressable TV and the technology supporting its meteoric rise.

Moderator Ciaran O’Kane kicked off the ExchangeWire ATS London discussion with a question many TV viewers are asking.

Why are some CTV ad breaks so bad?

After a brief laughter break from the audience, Publica’s Ben Antier explained just why CTV ad breaks can be so repetitive and unintuitive. “For a very long time there was a lack of technology, and that's why a company like Publica was able to come into the space and make a difference,” he said. “If you have the capability to tie everything together, then you know what a user has seen before and you're able to make decisions based on frequency capping. Most ad servers unfortunately weren't really built with that logic in mind, so that's why you're experiencing that today.”

Is the user very important when Discovery adopts new technology and serves these addressable ads?

“We're very much thinking about data and audiences as well,” Alexandra Ong said. “Obviously we want to create a better user experience. We don't want too much churn in our subscribers, but there is a lot of input and thought into making sure that we have some type of frequency capping for our clients.”

Is that a problem you're seeing at Matterkind, Aimee?

“We're coming at it from an addressable standpoint,” Aimee Langham said. “We set our entire campaign up in one DSP and that gives us a lot more control of the frequency that we would potentially have across the campaign… I think as measurement gets better, and it's hopefully going to improve, you won't be seeing that ad as many times as you are.”

Ben, you're deeply embedded in the CTV sell-side space, but do you think about that entire ecosystem?

“Publica was acquired by IAS, which is a measurement company, and their core business is to provide holistic measurement to the buy side,” Ben replied. “It's been actually fascinating for me to see frankly how little buyers get today when they buy CTV… There are many smart ways to let buyers know what they're buying, and I think we're moving in the right direction now that both sides are finally talking to each other.”

Watch the full video here to learn how the TV industry has adopted CTV and what technologies will drive future growth.

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