October 26, 2020

Publica Release Features To Bring Increased Transparency To CTV Programmatic Auctions

CTV Advertising technology company Publica have released a feature within their platform called Live Logs that enables streaming publishers & platforms who use the Publica ad server and or unified auction tools to better understand how programmatic buyers are bidding for their OTT inventory within ad pods.

Awarded Best Early Stage Technology company at the 2020 AdExchanger awards, Publica works with many of the world’s leading broadcasters, TV manufacturers & OTT Apps helping them to deliver true TV like ad break experiences within streaming environments.

OpenRTB auction transparency is starting to become a major area of focus for CTV publishers as they implement demand path optimization (DPO) strategies just like display publishers have been doing now for the last several years.

As CTV ad spend is expected to top $10B by 2021 according to eMarketer, transparency needs to sit at the center of the technology being built to support the increase of linear TV budgets entering the addressable TV ecosystem if we are going to provide marketers & agencies with the confidence they need to continue to invest in this growing channel said Ben Antier, Co-Founder & CPO, Publica.

Why streaming publishers should fully utilize Live logs

Publica now offers a Live Logs feature giving publishers visibility into real time, log level insights for both requests and responses when it comes to the monetisation of their ad pods in CTV.

One of the most under-estimated aspects of monetizing Connected TV advertising through a Unified Auction is gaining access to the auction analytics.

Looking under the auction hood should be a priority for CTV publishers to make educated decisions about how to package their inventory and make it available to buyers in the most efficient way, be that via guaranteed or non guaranteed programmatic bookings.

Here is a high level overview of how Live Logs can help publishers make more informed buy side decisions when running a unified auction for their inventory within ad pods.

Get to know your bidders:

Answer business questions like who is bidding? on what type of inventory? and at what price? Live Logs can also help identify if bidders bid higher when certain parameters are present in the bid requests.

Get to know your advertisers:

Looking at auction logs that tell you which brands are engaging with your viewers. It also allows you to verify if your CTV ad break deduplication features are well enforced.

Uncover opportunities for future deals:

Understanding who is buying your inventory is a great way to give valuable feedback to your sales team on which deals to strike next. A recurring spender is buying out your Business News segment? Why not layer in additional Audience targeting to yield a higher CPM?

Live Logs is a powerful tool that will give you useful insights into optimizing the flow of requests and responses to and from your CTV unified auction, accessible via an API or the Publica UI for seamless & structured queries.

Ben Antier Publica CPO & Co Founder said of the feature release:

“We have seen first hand how powerful OpenRTB auction data can be in the hands of buyers due to the rapid rise of supply path optimization practices (SPO) in programmatic buying, however, we firmly believe insights & data should be available to CTV publishers also so they too can start to better inform their demand path optimization strategies (DPO) and we feel Live Logs is a feature of Publica that can provide these business critical insights in a unified & structured way that empower publishers and their everyday commercial discussions with the buy side”

This article was originally featured on AdTech Daily, 19/10/20

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