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January 6, 2021

Publica Launch Educational CTV Explainer Series.

With so much being written about the growth of CTV advertising recently and the underlying programmatic technology that is supporting it, it can often feel like the industry is moving too quickly to fully understand all of the trends that are shaping it.

This is why we launched the Publica ‘CTV Explainer Series’ to help streaming publishers to better understand everything from OTT header bidding, server side ad insertion ‘SSAI’ right through to the best practices when it comes to the application of advanced ad pod management.

The first in our series features expert opinion and conversation from Ben our CPO & CO-Founder & Jason, our Director of Publisher Operations.

Our first video explored a topic that is getting a lot of coverage in the trade press at the moment and that is the practice of header bidding. However, header bidding as many publishers have come to know it in the digital display space is very different in the CTV ad stack set up so our first explainer focused on the main points of difference to help publishers to remove any confusion that may exist around how CTV & Display unified auctions differ and more importantly, the opportunities that exist when implementing this type of monetization strategy for their streaming inventory.

The second in our CTV Explainer Series focused on the different types of data that is available to CTV publishers when working with transparent technology partners to support OpenRTB auctions.

We explained what data can be used to better inform CTV monetization strategies & to increase advertising revenues from programmatic demand partners when they bid into a transparent unified auction. We also provide some tips for data points to look out for that can help publishers to instantly improve yield & sell through on advertising funded OTT streaming inventory (AVOD).

The 3rd in our series discussed the importance of being demand agnostic when providing OpenRTB auction technology to CTV publishers. Ben & Jason talk about how unified auctions work and why sometimes, publishers do not always get the best results if working with partners that offer auction decisioning & demand technology coupled together.

Ben & Jason go on to explain what it technically means to be ‘demand agnostic’ and how this approach improves yield & transparency for CTV publishers when implementing a unified auction between their programmatic demand partners.

The 2021 ‘CTV Explainer Series’ will be released shortly and we are covering topics such as 1st party data & identity, CTV ad serving, streaming auction logs, advanced ad break management, the application of SSAI within live ad pods and much more!

If you have some insights you would like to share, we would be happy to record a Q&A with you for our second series that will include Publica publishers & technology partners all talking about their best practicers when it comes to growing CTV advertising revenues for global streaming publishers.

We will be releasing the next series shortly via the Publica Twitter account: @GetPublica and posting the full videos to our new You Tube channel also.

Share your questions so we can answer them on the next CTV Explainer Series

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