February 24, 2021

Publica expands partnership with LiveRamp, bringing increased audience targeting to CTV

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our partnership with LiveRamp, now enabling marketers to launch and scale measurable, people-based connected TV (CTV) campaigns across the TV & streaming publishers who use the Publica Ad Platform.

Digital identity is the key to scaling CTV advertising

As third-party cookies are deprecated by browsers and the device IDs that underpin mobile advertising are increasingly restricted, more advertisers are looking to migrate ad spend towards the growing CTV ecosystem.

CTV ad spend is expected to top $10B this year, according to eMarketer. In order to support the increase of budgets entering the addressable TV ecosystem and provide advertisers with the targeting capabilities they need to invest in CTV marketing at scale, privacy-focused identity needs to sit at the center of the technology being built.

“We are delighted to partner with Publica and to empower CTV platforms and programmers who use Publica technology to unify advertiser demand while unlocking the true value of their audiences at scale through addressability.

Cross-screen identity and marketplaces that cover linear TV, CTV, digital, and offline identifiers are the only ways to power meaningful customer engagements and measurement as the modern consumer seamlessly consumes media across screens. We’re excited to work with Publica to bring speed and agility to the fragmented video ecosystem.”Jay Prasad, CSO, LiveRamp TV @LiveRamp

CTV publishers can now access digital identity at scale

Through this global partnership, Publica and LiveRamp bring a privacy-focused solution to CTV publishers that enables them to create people-based targeting packages for their buy-side partners.

Streaming publishers and platforms who use the Publica ad server and/or unified auction tools to construct advanced ad break experiences can now also surface audience-based PMPs with the LiveRamp identifier to their buy-side partners. This makes it easier for advertisers to identify and match audiences with publishers, and enables them to increase their investments into ad pods where a LiveRamp identifier is present in the form of a targeting parameter.

CTV publishers using LiveRamp’s identifier via Publica can offer their programmatic advertisers the ability to holistically manage reach and frequency within a single app or across a multitude of over-the-top (OTT) channels. This is a big challenge for many CTV advertisers today due to a lack of a persistent and common form of OTT user identification being passed in OpenRTB bid requests, LiveRamp’s identifier via Publica solves this problem for CTV publishers.

“Our mission at Publica has always been to empower CTV publishers with the tools they need to grow their advertising revenues. We firmly believe that a privacy-centric identity solution should sit at the center of a publisher’s monetization strategy if they want to be well-placed to capture the growing advertising budgets that are migrating from other channels to addressable TV this year.

We are really excited to release this feature in partnership with LiveRamp to our customers so they can surface the true value of their audiences & streaming inventory.”Ben Antier, Co-Founder and CPO @Publica

To learn more about this feature within Publica and our LiveRamp partnership, contact our team today.

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