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January 24, 2020

Increase your CTV Programmatic Revenue with First Party Data

As a publisher, one of your most important undervalued assets is your first party data. What do users watch? When? How often? On what devices? All of this data is unique and it is yours to monetize.

With Publica, publishers can create first party audience segments and monetize them programmatically.

Here is a quick 3-step demonstration on how to use it:

1 – Upload the device ids that belong to the audience segment you want to create

2 – Add a Deal_ID specific to each bidder

3 – Use reporting to know how buyers perform on your first party segments

Interesting note: Out of all of the connected TV inventory monetized through the Publica platform, 95% contains a device ID.

Combine that with your content consumption data (show title, genre, livestream, show length…) and you have your first party data builder!

Have fun! 🤓🚀

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Clement Poty