June 9, 2020

CTV’s calling. We are hiring!

All of us at Publica are happy to share the news of our growing team. Hiring in the current situation / full remote setup has been a challenge, but we are grateful to welcome talented hires.

Novreet Randhawa, Operations Manager

“As someone with a genuine interest in user-friendly platforms and who enjoys streaming, I was instantly drawn to Publica. I’m excited to help Publica continue to grow and thrive.”

Milk tea addict, 49ers fan, Netflix and Hulu addict

Novreet came on board from Ellen Michaels Presents

James Wilhite, Director of Product

Being in ad tech for the last five years at a major SSP, I’ve realized that CTV is the next frontier. When I spoke with Ben Antier about the company and where it’s heading I knew that Publica had a leg up on the competition and that the group was full of unique talent. With all these things in mind, I knew that I wanted to be a part of whatever it was that Publica was building next

Proud husband & father who loves photography, running, and caffeine in all its forms

James joined from OpenX where he was Senior Manager, Solutions Architects, working closely with the product and engineering teams.

Jasons Higgins, OTT / CTV Publishers Sales

“I’m thrilled to be joining Publica during this period of explosive growth in their business. It’s exciting to be working for a company building award-winning technology solely focused on solving some of the biggest publisher challenges in OTT and video”

First East Coast hire! Excited to open Publica’s NYC office.

Jason was previously with BounceX as Senior Director of Business Development and has held similar positions at Ooyala and served Prohaska Consulting priorly.

Kenneth Hufford, Full Stack Software Engineer

“When I made up my mind to change career, I wanted to work at a dynamic, fast-paced company and get away from the silo-ed organization of my previous positions.  Publica has a dedicated, diverse team that is constantly pushing itself and I knew that would be a perfect change of pace for me.”

When I’m not coding, I love running and playing Magic: the Gathering.

Kenneth is a Full-stack developer who has worked at AIG in Energy/Engineered Risk Loss Control Consulting previously.

+ Make sure to check our Fullstack Software Engineer open position .
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