October 7, 2020

4 Step Guide to Audience Based Targeting in CTV

In this post, we provide a 4 step guide that can be taken by publishers to generate increased advertising revenues for their global streaming inventory via the activation of 1st & 3rd party data sets.

Publica have seen first hand how a good CTV data strategy can transform a streaming publisher’s ad pod yield curve and we recently partnered with LiveRamp to ensure a data strategy in CTV was not only available to the few, but to the many that wanted to activate one.

As linear TV advertising budgets continue to follow consumer eyeballs and migrate to ad supported streaming services, the need from programmatic buyers for audience based data is going to be greater than ever before.  In fact, 1 in 3 US CTV users opt for free ad supported V paid for services.

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Step 1: How to segment your CTV inventory against data sets?

Create data segments from your first party data, advertiser/agency – supplied data or access the LiveRamp data marketplace. This will enable you to have stronger conversations with your buy side partners that are looking to reach their target audiences on your streaming inventory.

3 types of data available to segment your CTV inventory

  • Publisher First Party Data

Simply upload a list of Device IDs into the Publica platform, name your segment and leverage it to target any direct or programmatic demand. Outcome? Monetise against your proprietary data set. Data can be a real diffrentiator for a CTV publisher if activated in a privacy compliant way, understand & unlock the value of the audience based insights you have today to help shape your demand strategy.

  • Advertiser First Party Data

Many advertisers collect data about consumers (Complying with geo specific privacy regulations) and leverage this to place tailored & targeted CTV ad buys. Outcome? Enable advertisers to share their proprietary data with you. This process of matching data sets can be done quickly & in a privacy compliant way via our LiveRamp partnership today.

  • Third Party Data

The LiveRamp Data Store enables publishers to access prebuilt audience segments from hundreds of data profiles. Outcome? Ingest audience segments from any data provider. This means you can still build a data driven strategy for your streaming inventory even if you do not yet have access to scaled 1st party data. We understand that all publishers are not created equally when it comes to data and wanted this feature to be inclusive & available to all types of CTV publishers, inc those early on their data journeys.

Step 2: Forecast revenue opportunity

Use a secure and privacy compliant framework to forecast delivery potential across your first party data, advertisers/agency first party data or any third-party data from the LiveRamp data marketplace. Including potential revenue against given audience segment.

In a recent webinar we hosted with LiveRamp to educate publishers about CTV data activation, we were lucky enough to be joined by Publica customer Newsy to talk about their experience of activating audience data on streaming inventory & how this unlocked new advertising budgets for them.

People-based targeting for CTV. Image of Mike O'Neil from Newsy providing a case study around audience activation in CTV.

Step 3: Activate data programmatically

Push segments to demand partners via the Publica advertising platform using Deal ID’s. This enables publishers to create bespoke audience based PMP or Programmatic Guaranteed deals around their streaming inventory DSPs can target via the SSPs of publishers choice.

Step 4: Monetize data-enriched inventory

Enhance CPMs with targeted ads delivered and see revenue per audience segments with unified reporting. This will enable you to look at the value of different audiences engaging with your streaming content and better understand how to surface them to the buy side with the correct avails required for DSPs to increase their spend commitments with you both on a guaranteed & non guaranteed deal basis.

As illustrated, activating a 1st or 3rd party data strategy as a CTV publisher can be a straight forward process & meaningful way to drive incremental advertising revenues for your streaming inventory. Remember, the first step is to understand more about your current audiences and this can be done quickly & accurately via our LiveRamp integration today.

To learn more about how Publica is helping CTV publishers to implement data driven Ad Pod management strategies, please speak to a member of our team today, we have office in the U.S & Europe.

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