Meet the ultimate CTV Ad Server

Open, transparent & demand agnostic

We deliver true TV like experiences to streaming audiences. We connect SSPs to unique CTV inventory. We increase publisher yields.

OTT Header Bidding

Run a Unified auction between leading video SSPs & direct demand

Audience Targeting

First & third party data segmentation to increase inventory value

Campaign Management

Run a Unified auction between leading video SSPs & direct demand

Server Side Ad Insertion

Dynamic ad insertion built for programmatic scale

Ad Pod Automation

Deliver unique, non-competitive ads within your live ad breaks

Advanced Analytics

Single access to all of your CTV data: Revenue, Auctions, Bidders, Audience behavior & more.

Trusted by the fastest growing OTT streaming services and the biggest TV manufacturers.

What do the top folks among FAST, AVOD, CTV & OTT companies think of Publica?

"Since we started partnering with Publica, we have measured marked performance improvements across our entire OTT inventory. Both their technology and their team are highly recommended."

Henry Embleton
Head of Ad Products and Revenue, Crunchyroll

"We've enabled demand from multiple platforms to compete in a unified auction, eliminating waterfall latency while increasing bid density and overall yield."

Stan Hunting
Director of Advertising Operations

“Publica’s technology helps publishers identify errors down to the creative level and even automatically fix some of these errors in real time. As a result, our delivery rates and revenue performances are unmatched in the industry.”

Erick Opeka
President at Cinedigm Networks

“As one of the first publishers using Publica’s CTV Header Bidding solution, we witnessed first hand their ability to ship products faster than anyone else in the industry. We now rely heavily on their platform to build an Audience-centric monetization strategy.”

Jonathan Lesson
Senior Director, Revenue Operations

”Publica's approach to CTV monetization is already a game-changer for publishers - adding easy, secure, and integrated access to LiveRamp's capabilities is incredibly powerful.”

Joel Jewitt
Co-founder & VP Strategic Operations


August 10, 2021

Integral Ad Science Acquires Connected TV Advertising Leader Publica

IAS Accelerates Next Evolution of Its Publisher Business and Plans to Build Global Addressable CTV Ad Platform

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July 28, 2021

Meet, the CTV Ad Recognition Intelligence

Elea ai is a new solution by Publica that lets streaming publishers harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver seamless ad experiences on Connected Televisions (CTV)

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CTV Walled Gardens & Rising Trends – The State of CTV Targeting (2/2)

In this second article, we take a look at the term ‘Walled Garden’ and why it is increasingly being used when discussing CTV companies. We also discuss privacy, consent and how both will shape the future of the global addressable TV advertising market.

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